In my first year out of high school I had a massive motorcycle accident on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was lucky to survive and almost lost my leg. Over the next year, I had 14 reconstructive operations to stick me back together and was left with spectacular scars. My legs looked awful and I hid them for 23 years.

A few months ago I met a beautiful boy and he asked me why I hid my legs. He said he thought my scars were interesting and I shouldn’t hide them. So after 23 years, I bought my first pair of shorts. I have noticed that hardly anyone even notices my scars and when they do, they’re just interested to know my story. I was in Cambodia a couple of months ago and one of my team said, “I love your scars. I think they’re awesome”. For all those years I was embarrassed when I could have been wearing shorts and dresses! What a dufus.


I want to make the most of this one wild, precious life. We have exactly ONE LIFE in which to do everything we will ever do.

I gave birth to three little humans who have brought enormous meaning to my life. It’s my job to see to it that they grow up to be courageous and kind. I hope they are willing to fight the good fight and have a heart for the underdog and I really hope they take great pleasure in the simple things. You need to find pleasure in the simple things if you plan to live a life serving the underdog, because it will never be a life of luxury. My kids have always had a heart for the less fortunate, but I may have rammed that down their necks from an early age. I will never forget one Sunday when I was packing to go overseas and my then eight-year-old daughter sat on the end of the bed for a chat. I thought she was going to say she was sad that I was leaving again but she said, “Mum, we are so proud of you”.

Lucy Perry is the CEO of Sunrise Cambodia in Australia which funds the work of legendary Australian humanitarian and Mum to Many, Geraldine Cox AM. 

Editor/Producer Karen Miles
Photographer Sue Stubbs